ABOUT AQUANOX | Water Taxi Travel without the crowds
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                                                      OUR FARES
                           At AQUANOX, we pride ourselves on providing incredible convenience and delivering high value.

Unlike commercial public transport and traditional water taxi companies, Aquanox isn't based out of a single area or select major markets. Instead, we service virtually every wharf in Sydney Harbour and are expanding. We bring the water taxi to you. AQUANOX doesn't charge hourly rates, nor a repositioning fee for the water taxi to get back to a home base, unlike traditional water taxi trips.

Our fares are based on your pick up and drop off location, departure time and trip demand at that time, with the lowest fares during non-peak times.

                   COST EFFECTIVE - A fraction of the cost of traditional private water taxis.  Can be as low as $10 per passenger.

                                              PRICING EXAMPLES
                                                 Circular Quay to Darling Harbour -  Fares From $10 Per Person
                                                         Circular Quay to Luna Park -  Fares From $5 Per Person
                                                       Circular Quay to Taronga Zoo - Fares from $10 Per Person
                                                       Circular Quay to Watson Bay - Fares From $15 Per Person
                                                      Circular Quay to Manly Wharf - Fares From $20 Per Person