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Aquanox Water Taxis offers personal trips, on demand. Smart travelers use our water taxi services to cost-effectively reduce travel time and eliminate the hassles of personal and business travel.


Aquanox puts the personal back in to traveling. We cater to you in a way that commercial ferries cannot. Our Services lets you schedule your own trip to fit your own personal schedule.

Common Questions:

+ What is Aquanox Water Taxis travel experience like?
Our customers love us. Overall, you will find that Aquanox Water Taxis provides the most flexible, convenient, hassle-free, and efficient (and we have to add – exciting and fun!) form of travel available on a reasonable budget.

+ How does Aquanox Water Taxis reduce travel times?
We Travel to and from over 100 wharves in Sydney Harbour, which are crowd-free and conveniently located close to your home, office, and your destination of choice. Since we focus exclusively on your schedule and desired route, you travel straight to your destination. And with our 96%+ on-time departure rate, add it all up and you will save minutes vs. a typical ferry trip (or long drive for that matter!).

+ What does Water Taxi travel cost?
We don't charge the extravagant rates typically associated with chartering a Limousine Water Taxi. Aquanox Water Taxis trip prices start a
t levels comparable to commercial ferry costs - and even less than road taxis on some routes.  Pricing varies by distance and the specifics of your trip. Keep your costs low by scheduling same-day round-trip travel, and by bringing travel companions. (Since it's your own water taxi, your average cost per guest is lowest when you bring a friend or colleague!)

+ Is Water Taxi travel safe?
All water taxi trips with Aquanox Water Taxis are planned with safety as the number one priority, with experienced pilots rigorously trained to the AMSA (Australian Maritime Safety Authority) stringent requirements for commercial marine transportation.

+ Does Aquanox Water Taxis have a frequent traveler program?
Yes! Our Travel Rewards program enables frequent travelers to earn up to 20% trip discounts and other benefits. Learn more

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